The type 25 (also known as T3) is a great first camper which drives well, is pretty reliable given its age, and is a versatile vehicle. The strong chassis rarely has serious rust problems. Launched in 1979, the design is boxier and more angular than previous editions of the VW camper like the Bay and the splitscreen, and it’s a more comfortable model. Check out the weekender and basic versions. You should find a good range of these vans on offer.

Here is a great selection of the latest VW T25 camper vans being sold on eBay:

Buying a T25 Camper Van on EBay

  • Do your research before you bid. That means reading the description of the individual vehicle carefully, and checking out the seller feedback. Is the van second-hand or brand new? What sort of upkeep and repairs are going to be needed?
  • Don’t bid without seeing the vehicle for yourself and doing a test drive
  • Get the seller to clarify if you are uncertain about anything: don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!
  • Finally, check out what the delivery arrangements would be – is the seller expecting you to collect? (This is usually the case.)