The VW Bay window or T2 camper, with its roots in the late 1960s and early to mid-1970s, will suit most enthusiasts. It has a more modern design than the earlier “Splittie,” especially in terms of brakes, suspension, steering and engines. But it retains a classic appearance and beautifully simple mechanics. While 1600 versions are still quite slow, later incarnations like the 1700, 1800 and 2000 engines offer greater speed, albeit with more fuel guzzling. There are various models to suit whatever you need. Bear in mind that rust is the main issue to look out for with the T2.

Looking for T2 vans for sale on EBay? Here are some of latest auctions.

These Type 2 Campers are also known as Bay Window Camper Vans.

Buying a T2 Camper Van on EBay

Before you commit, read and follow these guidelines to increase your chances of getting a great Type 2 camper at a great price:

  • Have a budget for your T2 camper van, and don’t get into any bidding wars
  • Get answers to all your questions from the seller, and go on a test drive, before buying
  • Never buy if you have lingering doubts or questions
  • Ask about collection – chances are that that will be up to you
  • Read the vendor feedback information
  • Check the description carefully to know as much as you can before buying
    Remember, once you bid, if you win, you are committed to buying the van